Sunday, March 30, 2008

plaid lemonaid!!!

this is the html for " plaid lemonaid!!!" to use it as your background,
  1. Log into your blogger account and go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on Layout in the right hand corner of the blog which you want to apply the template.
  3. Go to Pick New TemplateChoose Minima
  4. ClickSave Template
  5. Go to Edit HTML
  6. Delete all of themumbo jumbo in the box
  7. Copy all of the HTML (all the stuff on the website i linked to this post)
  8. Paste the HTML into your blank box
  9. Click Save Template

the end!!!

1 comment:

katie said...

these are soooo cute!!! good job. do you have to have a google account to put these on your blog?